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Łukasz RapcewiczLRapcewicz

Attorney at law, KGK’s collaborator since 2012.

In the Law Firm he offers legal services to domestic and foreign entities in court and arbitration proceedings, construction investment, real estate, public procurement, labour, bankruptcy and energy law.


  • Graduated from the Centre for American Law Studies organised by the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration and Levin College of Law – University of Florida (2005);
  • Graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration (2006);
  • Completed the legal training in Warsaw (2011);
  • Completed postgraduate studies in public procurement law at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration (2012).

Experience: master of laws, then a legal trainee and attorney at law in Warsaw law firms specialising in providing legal services for domestic and foreign entities. Fluently speaks English and German. Uses Swedish and Norwegian.

The author of numerous publications on civil and administrative procedure, construction projects, real estate,  public procurement and labour law. His publications include:

  • „Lokalizacja elektrowni wiatrowych”;
  • „Wysyłając dyscyplinarkę pocztą szef musi pamiętać o terminach”;
  • „Ile dorozumianej zgody inwestora”;
  • „Zamawiający może ułatwić sobie życie w planowanych czynnościach”;
  • „Odstąpienie to nie to samo co rozwiązanie”;
  • „Ugoda nie zawsze skuteczna”;
  • „O czym muszą pamiętać inwestor i wykonawca”;
  • „Czego nie musi ujawniać przedsiębiorca, gdy ubiega się o zamówienia”.

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